Planning a funeral can be stressful, especially when you are dealing with a tough time. However, it can be easier when someone follows simple steps. In this guide, let’s find out how to plan a funeral properly. Keep reading and explore how funeral services in Leigh plan out this overall process.


How to Plan a Funeral


Taking small steps can make everything easier. In the following section, let’s break down the whole process:

Start PlanningBefore taking other steps, it’s essential to consider some facts. From checking if there are savings or insurance for the funeral to checking some funeral instructions in the will, an individual has to make the plan accordingly.

Speaking to family members or friends while making the plan can be helpful. It will be easier when they share opinions. Besides that, hiring a funeral director can make everything easier.


Choose a Funeral DirectorWhile preparing a funeral, an individual should take the decision whether or not to choose a funeral director. Since planning out someone close’s funeral can be overwhelming, an expert funeral director will give personal support to manage the overall process. A professional funeral director can provide different things:


  • Planning and managing proceedings
  • Providing proper guidance and support
  • Coordinating with other parties involved in the funeral


Choose Burial or CremationIn the UK, choosing between burial and cremation is crucial. The funeral cost can vary as cremation is a cheaper option than burial. Some people also choose direct cremation as it’s the most affordable one.

For burial, choosing a coffin is also an important decision. Coffins are usually made of chipboard, solid wood, metal, and cardboard. Ensure the right size while choosing a coffin. A funeral director helps choose the right coffin, considering the funeral budget.

They can show a range of coffins. It’s optional for most funeral service providers, so an individual can buy a coffin from somewhere else or online.


Consider Funeral CostThe funeral’s cost plays a significant role. It’s not a secret that the funeral cost can be expensive in the UK. A funeral’s average cost is around £4,000 in the UK. The basic funeral cost includes doctor’s fee, official fees, coffin, and funeral director’s fee.

The cost can increase with additional options like flower services, or a memorial. Taking some step can cut the overall cost of the funeral like choosing a direct cremation or picking a cheaper coffin. It’s best to get help from experts for making a funeral budget.


Arrange The ServiceBefore planning out a funeral, it’s essential to check if the deceased person had any wishes. It’s also important to choose the type of funeral as there are different options available. A funeral arrangement includes picking a venue, arranging the transport, picking the funeral music, etc.




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