Leanne Elizabeth

Direct cremation funeral service

Leanne Elizabeth

An overview of our approach to the Direct Cremation funeral service

Direct Cremation is the lowest cost service available. This is for people who prefer a very simple approach to the funeral without attending a traditional service.

These funeral arrangements are provided by ourselves in our locally based premise in Leigh. This may be important to you as some ‘direct cremation companies’ are not local family owned businesses.

Leanne Elizabeth

What is included in this service:

    • Our professional services.
    • A meeting to complete all the necessary paperwork including advice on registration.
    • Assistance with DWP claim from the Social Fund if eligible or other financial assistance charity.
    • Collection of the person who has died within a 10 mile radius.
    • Liaising with the Coroner if necessary.
    • Arranging Doctor’s paperwork 
    • Looking after the person who has died in our local premises.
    • A simple wood effect coffin suitable for cremation.
    • Transfer of the person who has died to the Crematorium in a suitable vehicle.
    • Return of the cremated remains following the funeral service to our office for collection in the container from the crematorium.

This is a essential service only and is not suitable if you want to have a traditional funeral service. The is not attended by family or friends happening due to the crematorium regulations.

The Direct Cremation service costs


An option for a witness direct cremation, which is £175.00 additional cost, at either 9am and 9:15am where you can have a piece of music as the curtains close.

Ashes can be collected from either us or Howe Bridge Crematorium. (out of hours removal is an extra cost).