Since funeral service can become much easier with proper planning from an expert director, it’s essential to consider the overall cost. In the UK, an individual can choose different funeral options. However, cremation is more popular than other options. In this blog, let’s break down the cost of cremation with the help of Leigh’s funeral directors.


Choosing Cremation in the UK


Cremation is a part of the funeral ritual which is becoming popular in the UK. Here, cremation can happen on the same day or at a later date. Since there are a range of options available, most people choose this process over burial. As per some people, cremation is more preferable than burial as it takes more space.


How Much Does Cremation Cost?


The cost of cremation starts from £1,000 in the UK without a funeral service. If someone decides to have a cremation with a Leigh funeral service.The cost will increase from £3,000 to £4,000. However, the cremation cost can vary depending on the region. No matter what the cost is, it’s much cheaper than burial. Leanne Elizabeth Funeral Services, a trusted service provider in Leigh, has several options to make the overall process affordable.


Cremation Cost in the UK: Breakdown


The cremation process includes different things. Before hiring a funeral director, it’s essential to understand the costs of this procedure. Keep reading to learn more:

Doctor’s FeeA doctor will certify the death and the paperwork needs to be completed before the cremation. A funeral director can help with the perfect cremation to match the budget.

Crematorium FeeAccording to sources, a basic crematorium fee in the UK is around £800.   However, the fee can vary as per the region.

Funeral Service CostIf the funeral service is included, an individual has to consider some essential things:

  • The celebrant’s fee ranges from £200 to £300
  • The flower service starts at £100
  • Venue hire and catering start at £600

Funeral Director’s FeeEven though a funeral director isn’t essential, their personal support, expertise, and contact can play a huge role. From paying the doctor to handling the venue program, a funeral director can handle everything, making it easier for the deceased’s family.


About Direct Cremation


Direct cremation is getting popular in the UK. When someone chooses a direct cremation, there will be no service, visitation, or mourners. The overall process costs around £1000 that includes doctor’s fee and crematorium fee.


Why is Burial More Expensive Than Cremation?


There are various reasons why burial is more expensive than cremation or direct cremation. Let’s find out the reasons:

  • Digging and filling the grave
  • Leasing a spot for burial
  • A funeral service charge
  • An annual fee to tend the gravesite




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