Arranging a funeral can be stressful, especially when someone lost their loved one. However, a professional team can make it easier with a proper plan. Leanne Elizabeth Funeral Directors in Leigh Services, a trusted team in the UK, provides caring and impactful advice. In this blog, let’s find out how to choose a good director and unlock the best funeral service.


How to Choose a Funeral Director in the UK


Even though a funeral director is not required by law in the UK, they can make funeral planning easier. Most professional funeral services in Leigh can make every step smooth with their expertise, contract, and support.

From dealing with paperwork to preparing a green funeral, the right funeral director is able to handle everything. When it’s about choosing a funeral director, check if they are members of one of these two bodies:

  • National Association of Funeral Directors
  • National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

Besides considering these things, check the online reviews to get a better view of their experience. Reach out to the support team to get more details.


Arranging an Affordable Funeral


The overall funeral cost can vary by region and the options someone’s choosing. Burial is relatively expensive as compared to cremation. However, direct cremation is even cheaper. Whether it’s your own funeral or your loved ones, never feel pressure while choosing an option. Ensure the funeral director is always transparent regarding the cost.


Burial or Cremation


Choosing between burial or cremation is a big decision. According to records, the burial is relatively less popular in the UK, accounting for a quarter of funerals throughout the country. However, cremation or direct cremation is more popular in the UK.

Green funerals are getting more popular in the UK. That means the burial process will be done in a woodland or meadow by using a biodegradable coffin or a simple shroud. The funeral service doesn’t use any harmful chemicals to embalm the body in green funerals. This type of burial includes planting a tree instead of choosing a headstone.


Arrange the Memorial Service


Even though all funerals don’t require a professional service, it can make the process easier, especially when family and friends are invited. Before choosing a professional service, consider these things:

  • Check the person who will officiate the ceremony
  • Confirm the person who will deliver the eulogy, the speech in the honor of the deceased
  • If other people are invited to make a speech
  • Check if there will be flowers and who will arrange those

There are various reasons to choose a professional funeral director who can conduct the process with a proper plan, making everything easier.




Leanne Elizabeth Funeral Services, a trusted funeral directors in Leigh company, has been providing top-notch services for years. They are well-known for having experienced professionals who can plan out a funeral smoothly. To get more details, reach out to the official team.